That glittering red, white, and blue manicure you gave yourself for the long weekend may have looked amazing on your nails, but when it came time to take it off, the sparkles left gross chunks all over the place. Well, Beyoncu00e9 shared a pretty genius solution for Valentino UK that dilemma on her website this weekend, teaching daughter Blue Ivy the finer points of removing glitter nail polish. The fix? Just reach for some tin foil.

The process is one that we've tested out ourselves. All you do is soak a cotton pad in nail-polish remover, place it over the fingernail, and then wrap your digit in the foil to keep it all in place. Let that sit for 15 minutes, and when you remove, all of your glitter polish will be gone.


Of course Bey and Blue's matchy-matchy manicure is adorable u2014 how could it not be? u2014 but when it comes to our own, we don't want the sparkle to linger for days on end. And, with this handy DIY trick, the polish can be Valentino Shoes UK here today and gone tomorrow. Talk about small miracles.